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Why Choose i12 tws?

i12 TWS Binaural Call Bluetooth Earbuds “a magical, effortless experience that will forever change the way you use your headphones. The headphones turn out to be comfortable, light and with a support to avoid accidental falls. The i12 TWS headphones hold movements very well; they can even be used for sports activities such as running or bodybuilding.

The i12 TWS Headset that has revolutionized the market. They cost very little, so they are available to everyone and come in a wide variety of colours.

📛 Design

Each earphone has a weight of 5 grams approximately. Therefore, they are perfect for sports but not swimming or using while it rains. They do not have great resistance to water, but to sweat.

🎵 Sound

They have the typical AAC codec, a resistance of 32Ω, sensitivity of 42 ± 3dB, and a frequency response range of 20 – 22000 Hz, among other more technical specifications.

🌐 Connectivity

Thanks to wireless technology and Bluetooth 5.0, we enjoy a more stable signal. Enough not to suffer cuts every two by three. The connection speed is also higher, which allows us to distance ourselves up to 10 meters from the mobile phone to which they are connected.

The biggest hardware improvements

With a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, we will obtain a connection quality, superior. The possible delays between your videos and the sound will be reduced thanks to the technology included in the i10.

Likewise, the new i12 Wireless Headphones have been released. We will no longer have to depend on the master to use it since both headphones are masters. We can use them independently, even when using the hands-free function, as they both include a microphone.

The charging case

i12 tws charging case Each of the headphones has its adapted slot that avoids storage errors. The headphones are magnetized so that they won’t fall out of the box. Unlike the previous model, Between both holes, we see an LED indicator that reports the charging status of the case. For example, if it blinks once it is at 25% and three times at 75%.

We will also know if the headphones need a battery when they are inserted in the case. It glows red if you need a recharge or blue if they are at a maximum level. On the outside, we see a reset button to restart the link. The headset packaging includes a charging cable.


i12 tws airpods
i12 tws airpods

Product parameters

Product weight: 4-5g (single earphone).

Working time: 4-6 hours.

Standby time: 100/h for one ear and 60/h for both ears.

Charging time: 30-40 minutes.

Single earphone battery capacity: 35mAh.

Charger Box Battery: 300mAh.

Wireless distance: 50 meters.

Compatibility: i12 headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth devices.


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i12 tws

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